Lindsay’s In Business: PART 98. This is the hustle

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

One by one contacting network members to mobilise collaboration

One by one reconnecting with contacts in my pipeline

One by one prying into opportunities for the next case study

This is the hustle.

Our work can fit the leadership engagement budget

It can fit into a change management budget

A team development, or even a training budget

This is the hustle.

Network members can provide names of potential buyers we can contact who they don’t know

They can use people they have a good relationship with to influence the buyer

They can provide leads without being attributed as the source

This is the hustle.

Don’t see it that people are obliged – keep the goodwill

Don’t get impatient, keep reaching out for new feedback

Don’t get disheartened, after all this time

This is the hustle.

If someone were to describe what the journey to building up a business like this would look like, this would be it.

It’s only in January of this year that we started training up a network of practitioners in earnest.  In March, COVID-19 threw the world into a crisis.  This is a difficult because people are preoccupied, budgets are being cut, and a recession is underway.  And it’s opportunistic because misalignment is everywhere, people are looking for new, remote ways to do things, and Mirror Mirror is ready to go.

This is the hustle.

Mirror Mirror – a team alignment diagnostic tool and process in one, helping people align to the strategy, as well as each other.


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