Co-Colours Team




Hire Date: 2008
Citizenship: American
Education: Bachelor degree engineering
Languages: English (first language)
Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2008 – 2011), National Sales Manager (as of 2012)
External work experience: Engineer, Planning analyst, Distribution Supervisor,Trade Marketing Manager
Current career assessment: Boss has excellent analytical skills, which help him to make good business decisions and market forecasts. His sales team is strong and consistently delivers on expectations. Boss is a highly mature manager with a strong result focus. He reads situations quickly, can be counted on to hold things together during tough times, deals with people issues firmly and in a timely manner and has a listening ear and good advise for who ever needs it.
Career aspiration: not applicable (retirement)




Hire date: 2015
Citizenship: British
Education: Bachelor Degree in Marketing
Languages: English (first language), Italian (Proficient)
Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2016)
External work experience: Brand Manager, Product Manager
Current career assessment: Femsy is a competent, hardworking professional and leader. She does what it takes to get the job done, is working long hours and always stays within given boundaries. She puts her own job first and overall business objectives second. Due to the many day-to-day challenges she gets easily distracted and as a result she has difficulties to clear her ‘must-do plate’. Femsy is supportive towards peers and team members and believes in teamwork, consensus and ‘psychology’ to manage her team. She is smart, open to learn from others and tries to stay away from office politics. She has difficulty standing up for herself and has a strong need to be liked. She gives little credibility or importance to her own position or expertise.
Career aspiration: Exposure to and gaining experience in all critical business functions to be ready to set up an own Art Company in 3-5 years.




Hire Date: 2010
Citizenship: Polish
Education: Master of arts in International Studies
Languages: Polish (first language), English (Fluent), Italian (proficient), Mandarin (beginner)
Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2013),Regional Sales Supervisor (2013), Marketing executive (2010-2012)
External work experience: Sales Analyst, Distribution & Logistics Supervisor
Current career assessment: Mansy is a strong-willed, confident, assertive and competent professional and leader, focused on business results. He sets clear priorities for both business and job and does what it takes to get the job done even when this means going outside of given boundaries. He is well prepared, knows all facts, stands his ground and does not go into any negotiation process without being well prepared. He relies on his network, relationships, communication skills and political savvy to get things done. He puts himself first (highly self centered) and can at times be perceived as too confident or arrogant.
Career aspiration: National Sales Manager within the next 12-18 months, General Manager within 5 years.



Hire date: 2016
Citizenship: Greek
Education: Bachelor degree in Accounting, MBA
Languages: Greek (First language), English (fluent)
Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2016)
External work experience: Account Supervisor, Promotion Manager
Current career assessment: Betsy is a strategic and curious fast learner with a strong result focus and an excellent customer service orientation. She is one of the most talented professionals within Co-Colours. She is confident, takes initiative and is not afraid to speak up in meetings or challenge the status quo. She has solid interpersonal skills and easily builds and maintains relationships with others, inside and outside Co-Colours. To broaden her perspective Betsy has been given increased opportunities to work with other functional areas. Betsy is respected within Co-Colours but at times seen as a bitch for being tough and assertive. She can be too hard on herself when things are going wrong. She requires recognition at these times to be able to move on.
Career aspiration: Exposure to and gaining experience in all critical business functions to be ready to set up an own Art Company in 3-5 years.




Hire Date: 1999
Citizenship: Belgium
Education: Bachelor Degree in Marketing
Languages: Dutch (first language), English (fluent)
Internal work experience: Technician, Merchandiser
External work experience: Brand Manager, Product Manager
Current career assessment: Billy has excellent technical skills and knowledge. He is valuable member of the team and knows all in’s and out’s of the organization including ‘who is who’. His problem solving- and trouble shooting skills are outstanding, his communication skills very direct and straightforward. He tends to direct rather than lead and at times appears less open to others ideas and input. His tendency is to rely too much on himself and his own expertise.
Career aspiration: Happy in current role.




Hire Date: 2010
Citizenship: Korean
Education: Bachelor degree English language
Languages: Korean (First language), English (Fluent)
Internal work experience: Sales analyst (2010)
External work experience: Trainee trade marketing, Trade marketing analyst
Current career assessment: Mian is a solid performer and the go-to person to get ‘office housework’ and job related tasks implemented. She is a typical multi- tasker and highly supportive towards her peers. She is smart and an excellent troubleshooter. Mian does not stand up for herself and has difficulty saying ‘no’. As a result she does not get the respect she deserves and finds herself overloaded and rushing at the last minute to finish her tasks.
Career aspiration: Believes she should be promoted based on years of service and solid performances.