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Think Twice! 

by Mine Batiyel

Have you ever been homeless? Forced to leave your family? Do you know what it really means to be scared, I mean really scared? What about hunger? Feeling the cold in your bones? Worst of all, not knowing where you are?

Quite a well executed summary of my short life to date. I have still not given up. I am trying to survive. I still believe in people even have faith in them. Sometimes I do think that I am contradicting myself but knowing things could still be worse than what they are just gives me the energy to keep going. Continue reading


The top has been reached. What’s next?

by Anna Zubitskaya

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb”.  Nelson Mandela

We aspire to be happy, successful, free, accomplished, famous, loved, etc. in our lives. Many of us set ambitious individual, professional or career goals to make our aspirations come true. Large part of these many pursue their path to desired top with persistence, passion to win and commitment. Continue reading

Lauren Maillian Bias, “The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms”



Reviewed by Femflection

Lauren Maillian Bias is the Founder and CEO of Luxury Market Branding, a strategic marketing and branding consultancy where she brings her firsthand knowledge, expertise and passion for marketing to her clients. She is also the Founding Partner and Director of Operations for Gen Y Capital, an early stage venture firm. Prior to Luxury Market Branding, Lauren was the Proprietor, Creator and Chief Operating Officer of Sugarleaf Vineyards, the only African-American owned and operated winery in Virginia. The Winery became an award winning brand under her leadership within five years and was sold in 2011. Continue reading


Mian is already working for five years in the same role. She knows all the in’s and out’s of her current job perfectly well. She has a good understanding of the company processes and rules and is liked by everyone. Nevertheless she has been bypassed several times when growth opportunities became available.

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I Was Looking For Consolation, I Found Happiness

At some point in life, we all take a decision about the question: “What shall I do in life?” Schools, workshops and seminars lead us to have a specific profession or a job. So,that’s already decided. Health, law, politics, engineering, architecture, technology, education, gastronomy, etc. We work in one of these fields, maybe in a tiny office or in a very big company or in a family firm or in a government office. Some of the women work in the most tiring job of the world: as a mother and a housewife. Continue reading

Man, I feel like a Woman

Image 20-04-16 at 12.42Image 20-04-16 at 12.42

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and a stateswoman in her own right. She was a strong-minded and courageous leader who followed her ‘True North’ to campaign for and champion causes that transformed the lives of many disadvantaged Americans.  Once her husband’s political career took off she blossomed as an independent thinker and became a strong advocate for social reform to better the lives of the underprivileged.  She revolutionized the role of First Lady by constantly acting in ways that were new to the position: holding regular press conferences, writing a daily newspaper column, publishing books and articles, travelling the nation on speaking tours, chairing national conferences in the White House, addressing national conventions of social reform organizations, giving a keynote address at her party’s presidential convention, representing her nation abroad, travelling battlefields, and directing a government agency.  She played a critical role in the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by skillfully creating an atmosphere that permitted the blending of ideas and norms of different cultures together into a document that nations around the globe could assent to while marshaling U.S. support for swift passage of the declaration.   In short, she was an authentic leader. Continue reading

Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster, “Mean Girls at Work: How to Stay Professional When Things Get Personal”



Book summary

Women-to-women relationships in the workplace are . . .  complicated. When they’re good, they’re great. But when they’re bad, they can ruin your day, your week―even your year.

Packed with proven advice from two of today’s leading experts in workplace relationships, this one-of-a-kind guide gives women the tools they need to navigate difficult situations, unique to women-to-women relationships―whether with a boss, a colleague, a client, or an employee. Continue reading


Femsy is looking to hire a Regional Sales Supervisor for a growing sales region. Behind closed doors, she admits that she prefers to hire a man. (“I had to fight my way to the top. Why should those who come after me get all the credit?”)

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Women In Leadership

The success of women in Dutch education is remarkable. Nowadays they graduate faster and more often than men.

Today, women in their mid thirties have a higher education than men of the same age category. Almost 43% of these women have a High School or Academic degree – about 5% higher than their male peer group (Study ‘Netherlands’). Continue reading

The concept of Tribal Leadership

Let me just jump to it, what is Tribal Leadership? Well, perhaps it’s better to start with “what is a tribe?”. A tribe, as defined by Seth Godin in “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us”, is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea. Most of us are members in several tribes. I am a member of my family tribe as well as a member of various social tribes. I’m also a member of a basketball tribe, the metal head tribe and the gadget-loving tribe. I was also a member of different business tribes. With each tribe, I shared a common set of values and believes. Sometimes these common values and believes drove the tribe towards a collective goal that served as a bigger purpose for the tribe, and in some special cases it even served as a noble cause. These were the best tribes of my life, for the obvious reasons related to the ultimate pursuit of happiness, and when it comes to business, it brought innovation, efficiency, productivity and profitability. It’s like one of those great movies that win both, the reviews from critics and the box-office sales. Continue reading