I Was Looking For Consolation, I Found Happiness

At some point in life, we all take a decision about the question: “What shall I do in life?” Schools, workshops and seminars lead us to have a specific profession or a job. So,that’s already decided. Health, law, politics, engineering, architecture, technology, education, gastronomy, etc. We work in one of these fields, maybe in a tiny office or in a very big company or in a family firm or in a government office. Some of the women work in the most tiring job of the world: as a mother and a housewife.

clay sculptureWhichever job we have, at the end of each day, we feel the relaxation of having finished our duties at work. But there’s another feeling, which we can’t get rid of: The boredom due to monotony of our lives and due to the loss of getting a kick out our professions or jobs. Unfortunately, we can’t easily switch to another profession or job. So there’s only one way of getting rid of this boredom: TO GET A HOBBY! A hobby to satisfy our souls! An art branch, for example. Drawing, ceramics, sculpture, wood and stone painting, sewing, creating accessories, art history, literature, historical trips in town, photography, music… This list goes on and on.

I started in high school with charcoal drawing. Then, watercolour, ceramics, etching, wood and stone painting, little heads and body sculptures with clay. People say: “These can’t be done without any talent.” In most cases, we can’t say, whether or not we have any talent before we try.

ceramic plate

A woman doctor over 60, who didn’t do anything in the area of art in her previous life, managed to paint in art classes such nice ottoman designs, such beautiful russian-style flowers and such artistic Mexican wall panels. They all were amazing! Adorable!

It’s such a great feeling to observe your imagination turning out step by step into a concrete art piece. The curiosity and the imagination trigger the artistic creativity. And the passionate beauty of producing an art piece provides the continuity.clay sculpture2

Art is holistic. Someone working in an art branch switches to another art branch. The magical power of colours and art materials have also a great effect. It is such a great power, which may make the art hobby the essential job and the source of income for someone. One of the nicest aspects of hobbies is that there is no age limitation in getting one. As a person, who tried all of those art branches, I can say, that hobbies are very helpful in increasing one’s vitality. The summary of the subject of art based hobbies may be this sentence: “I WAS LOOKING FOR CONSOLATION, I FOUND HAPPINESS.”

I wish you all get a wage from this happiness cake!

All the best!

Ms. Özcan Tüjümet Tütüncü


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