Lauren Maillian Bias, “The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms”



Reviewed by Femflection

Lauren Maillian Bias is the Founder and CEO of Luxury Market Branding, a strategic marketing and branding consultancy where she brings her firsthand knowledge, expertise and passion for marketing to her clients. She is also the Founding Partner and Director of Operations for Gen Y Capital, an early stage venture firm. Prior to Luxury Market Branding, Lauren was the Proprietor, Creator and Chief Operating Officer of Sugarleaf Vineyards, the only African-American owned and operated winery in Virginia. The Winery became an award winning brand under her leadership within five years and was sold in 2011.

Some quotes from Lauren:

  • “It doesn’t matter why the door opens. If it opens, don’t hesitate to walk through it, but be prepared to work harder than expected. Expectations of you are always higher than they may outwardly seem.” – Lauren Maillian Bias
  • “Ask yourself, “is it worth it even if I fail?” every experience I’ve taken advantage of has always been worth it even if I had failed because of the knowledge I gained.” 
  • “Success is not about climbing over colleagues or climbing the corporate ladder; it’s about the ability to rise to your full potential and tackle challenges with enthusiasm.” 

In The Path Redefined, Lauren shares the lessons and tactics that rocketed her to the top of three completely different fields—all before she reached the age of 30.

Not surprisingly, her top three tips for aspiring female entrepreneurship are:

  1. Embracing failure but learning from your mistakes;
  2. Being more hungry to succeed than thirsty for attention;
  3. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Lauren explains in easy-to-understand terms how to re-invent yourself and how to plan for success. She shares her life experiences – including successes and failures – in a frank and open manner.

“The Path Redefined” is a great read with invaluable insights from a highly experienced, self-made and successful business woman. Truly a role-model!

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