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John Covington, “What I Learned About Leadership From My Dog”







Reviewed by Femflection

John Covington is CEO of Chesapeake Consulting. He is APICS certified as CPIM, has all TOCIOC disciplines and is a Jonah’s Jonah. Prior to founding Chesapeake he served industry in roles ranging from process engineer to vice president of operations. Continue reading


Think Twice! 

by Mine Batiyel

Have you ever been homeless? Forced to leave your family? Do you know what it really means to be scared, I mean really scared? What about hunger? Feeling the cold in your bones? Worst of all, not knowing where you are?

Quite a well executed summary of my short life to date. I have still not given up. I am trying to survive. I still believe in people even have faith in them. Sometimes I do think that I am contradicting myself but knowing things could still be worse than what they are just gives me the energy to keep going. Continue reading