John Covington, “What I Learned About Leadership From My Dog”







Reviewed by Femflection

John Covington is CEO of Chesapeake Consulting. He is APICS certified as CPIM, has all TOCIOC disciplines and is a Jonah’s Jonah. Prior to founding Chesapeake he served industry in roles ranging from process engineer to vice president of operations.

“What I Learned About Leadership From My Dog” – the book:

While training the newest addition to his family, a German Shepherd named Maggie, Covington realized the correlation between dogs and people. So he began using dog training as a “laboratory” for learning leadership skills.

According to Covington: “Dogs are great labs to improve our leadership as they give you instant feedback, have little or no ego, and if there is a problem, it’s always the human’s fault.”

The lessons Covington explains and describes about leadership include trusting others, identifying our own shortcomings, proper focus, authenticity, teamwork etc. Being a good leader does not mean shouting the loudest or throwing power around, it is about understanding and responding. The stories about his dog somehow shed a different perspective on leadership at a personal level.

Covington’s writing style is conversational and easy. Questions that came to my mind as I read were answered in the next paragraph and were usually accompanied by a memory of Covington’s or a quote from someone who works with dogs.

If you hold a leadership position or would like to, you will learn the basic leadership lessons from this book.

This book is just fun to read!

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