Hire date: 2016

Citizenship: Greek

Education: Bachelor degree in Accounting, MBA

Languages: Greek (First language), English (fluent)

Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2016)

External work experience: Account Supervisor, Promotion Manager

Current career assessment: Betsy is a strategic and curious fast learner with a strong result focus and an excellent customer service orientation. She is one of the most talented professionals within Co-Colours. She is confident, takes initiative and is not afraid to speak up in meetings or challenge the status quo. She has solid interpersonal skills and easily builds and maintains relationships with others, inside and outside Co-Colours. To broaden her perspective Betsy has been given increased opportunities to work with other functional areas. Betsy is respected within Co-Colours but at times seen as a bitch for being tough and assertive. She can be too hard on herself when things are going wrong. She requires recognition at these times to be able to move on.

Career aspiration: Exposure to and gaining experience in all critical business functions to be ready to set up an own Art Company in 3-5 years.