Hire date: 2015

Citizenship: British

Education: Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Languages: English (first language), Italian (Proficient)

Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2016)

External work experience: Brand Manager, Product Manager

Current career assessment: Femsy is a competent, hardworking professional and leader. She does what it takes to get the job done, is working long hours and always stays within given boundaries. She puts her own job first and overall business objectives second. Due to the many day-to-day challenges she gets easily distracted and as a result she has difficulties to clear her ‘must-do plate’. Femsy is supportive towards peers and team members and believes in teamwork, consensus and ‘psychology’ to manage her team. She is smart, open to learn from others and tries to stay away from office politics. She has difficulty standing up for herself and has a strong need to be liked. She gives little credibility or importance to her own position or expertise.

Career aspiration: Exposure to and gaining experience in all critical business functions to be ready to set up an own Art Company in 3-5 years.