FREE OFFER – Mirror Mirror Team Assessment

24First come, first served

Mirror Mirror is a structured way of capturing how people perceive their team situation and understanding the diversities that exist between them, through interviews and assessments. The combined picture shows where the team is aligned and misaligned, where the issues and gaps are, and there may be new possibilities and ways to use the team’s diversity.

It gives the team the opportunity to reflect, learn, and reach a common understanding. With this, they can draw a line between the past and the present and move forward together. It compresses the familiarisation or onboarding phase for new or ‘virtual’ team members, and it helps teams engage and focus on achieving higher levels of performance.  Ideal preparation for a team away day, the Mirror Mirror process takes approximately 3-4 hours per team member and can be delivered with 1 – 2 weeks, based on the size and availability of your team.

Femflection is mirror-mirror-team-situation-assessments-introduction to two teams FREE before March 15, 2017 as part of the pre-launch preparations (this offer excludes the Hogan values and Leadership Styles assessments; brand-attributed testimonial feedback for publicity purposes to be supplied at the end of the process; agreed expenses to be charged at cost).  First come, first served – contact to receive the Mirror Mirror Brochure and book your place.


Your story, our platform: If you’ve got a story and would like to share it with other Femflectors, please let us know. Femflection is all about transferring learnings to help others, be they big or subtle. We want to connect with your feelings, your learnings, your reflections on the past, or your hopes for the future – in blog or interview format. Express yourself here. Get in touch with us via

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