Lindsay’s In Business: PART 53: Another lull

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

It’s all quiet, still

The last warm summer weeks wander by

The world at work is relaxed, out of office

Just the spam mail trickles in with a sigh.

I’ve had my own distance for a little while too

And as I come back to this quiet lot

I realise this suspension of disbelief

The vision that is so far fiction, has to stop.

Faith needs proof

Actions need reactions

Forecasts needs actuals

It’s all fake until it actually works.

Faced with a bit of that familiar ‘fear’ again

I can see it’s frankly getting boring

Knowing I’m not going to stop working on this

I ignore it – and it fades back to nothing.

Why do I fall for new ideas?

The ones with no awareness or demand

They’re so hard to get going, the risks are so high

It’s like falling in love with a bastard.

I read about a woman who wanted furniture just ‘so’

But found the prices too high

So, she sourced a foreign supplier to manufacture instead

They’d custom build each item her way.

She advertised in the Sunday papers

Got orders, people ready to pay

Built up her business over the past three years

And now she’s a success star today.

How nice and easy does that sound?

Why don’t I just sell what people want to buy?

Well they can damn well want what I’m selling right now

I just need a lucky break for this to fly.


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