Lindsay’s In Business: PART 90. In hot pursuit of leads 

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

And now the world has changed. United in social distancing: We’re all together apart. So far 11,000 have died. How far will it go? “Stay in your homes or people will die” is a message we never expected to hear.

First a kind of shock. How strange to have these new limitations, while nothing much except the news seems different. I’m still working from home and doing my thing. But for many people the changes are huge, bringing confusion, anxiety and fear.  Global economies are tumbling and productivity is stumbling as shops close and people are forced to work at home.

For some however, it’s a sigh of relief:

  • Remote workers say they save 8.5 hours a week in travel time
  • Remote workers spend av. 25 minutes exercising more each week
  • Remote workers average 21.9 workdays per month, office workers 20.5 a month
  • 28% of onsite employees had quit a job because of toxic relationships with their co-workers – something you don’t have to deal with so much when you work from home.

And if you face up to the challenges to find the opportunities, it’s a learning curve.

Mirror Mirror is certainly something that can help remote teams align and can be delivered remotely.  So just a week after a face to face workshop in London, there’s a new direction.

  • Remote delivery network call
  • Remote team alignment – tips from the experts: public webinar with network member presenters
  • 24 hour survey link and Quick Scan report delivery for a remote telecoms team in Romania via a network member
  • Slides on remote delivery
  • Input of the remote angle into presentation slides for tomorrow
  • Keynote postponed (predicably) but content for that will change….

It’s exhausting actually.  I need a drink!

Mirror Mirror – a team alignment diagnostic tool and process in one, helping people align to the strategy, as well as each other.


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