Hire Date: 2010

Citizenship: Polish

Education: Master of arts in International Studies

Languages: Polish (first language), English (Fluent), Italian (proficient), Mandarin (beginner)

Internal work experience: Regional Sales Manager (2013),Regional Sales Supervisor (2013), Marketing executive (2010-2012)

External work experience: Sales Analyst, Distribution & Logistics Supervisor

Current career assessment: Mansy is a strong-willed, confident, assertive and competent professional and leader, focused on business results. He sets clear priorities for both business and job and does what it takes to get the job done even when this means going outside of given boundaries. He is well prepared, knows all facts, stands his ground and does not go into any negotiation process without being well prepared. He relies on his network, relationships, communication skills and political savvy to get things done. He puts himself first (highly self centered) and can at times be perceived as too confident or arrogant.

Career aspiration: National Sales Manager within the next 12-18 months, General Manager within 5 years.