It is the Christmas party and Betsy wants to enjoy herself. Unfortunately she is drinking too much. As a result she offends others and is acting inappropriately.

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A great leader:

  • Acts in a professional manner at all times in work-related contexts; formal and informal;
  • Understands the risks at organizational social events such as dinners and parties and moderates the amount she drinks.

How to best handle the situation:

Organizational social events, such as Christmas parties, are often a time of celebration and an opportunity to let your hair down. However, it is important to remember that this is still a work situation and that you must behave appropriately at all times.

If you enjoy a glass of wine or two (or other beverage), make sure you drink slowly and intersperse these with water to limit your alcohol intake. If you find it hard to stop at just one or two glasses, try abstaining altogether for the entire evening or use strategies that force you to restrict your drinking, for example, drive to the event.

Consider not showing up at the Christmas party; make alternative arrangements so that you have a good reason not to go. If it is important that you attend, go early and decide to stay for a short time.

 Learning suggestions:

  • Practice limiting your alcohol intake at private social events. Experiment with different strategies to see what works best for you;
  • Determine ahead of time, which organizational events are important for you to attend and why. Think about what behaviour is most appropriate and the consequences of being seen as out of control and in a negative light by your colleagues. Develop some rules and code of conduct for your self to ensure that you remain professional and act responsibly.


  • Are you able to participate in a social event and have a good time without drinking alcohol?

 Femcommunity tips:

We welcome your thoughts, experiences and comments on how you would deal with such a situation.

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