Why It Matters To Be a Feminist 

by: matheen


Women’s March is not just about one day or one weekend of expressing our resistance against those who threaten women’s rights and its related causes; it is a lifetime commitment to protect and increase awareness on social justice and human rights issues ranging from race, ethnicity, gender, religion, immigration, and healthcare around the world. It is an ongoing acknowledgment and acceptance — embracing the full equality of humanity — old or young; women or men; homosexuals, trans, lesbians, bisexuals and straight.

We are all equal and we’re one in protecting and safeguarding our human given rights.

I come from a family that’s mostly comprised of women — our grandmother, our mother, my two younger sisters, and an army of aunts. I’m grateful that I was raised by these strong women. I’m grateful that I know them. I’m grateful for every skill and wisdom they’ve taught me. Because of these strong women, I’m able to rise from each fall. Because of their influence, I was able to turn my life around from an extremely wild child who broke all rules — into a strong, independent and passionate woman. Because of their unconditional love and support, I was able to overcome every obstacle that Life dealt me with. Because of their innate kindness and compassion, I learned to be kind and compassionate despite all the heartaches I went through as a woman. Because of these smart women, I’ve learned that no one can own my body, my thoughts and my heart — except me. I’m in full control of my body, my emotions and my destiny. Because of their understanding hearts, I was able to conquer all my demons one by one; one step at a time.

I’m still standing even after all the storms that I’ve weathered. My forever gratitude and appreciation to all the women who helped transform me from a wild girl to a nasty, non-conformist, strong, empowered FEMINIST. Above all, I’m grateful to our Mom for teaching me how to rock as a single, working Mother — I am able to raise my son on my own and I’m proud that he’s turned into a young, kind gentleman who respects women.

Oh yes, I’ve known strong women all my life. I was raised by them. I’m with them.


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