Lindsay’s In Business: PART 22: No update

Jean-Paul Sartre

What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey

as it unfolds…

 Went to London last week

I do love going back

A packed schedule of meetings

Felt smart and on track!

Weather was good

No delays with the flight

I’ve got a plan to get partners

It’s going to turn out alright.

First over to Southbank

To a reputation consultancy

They like it, they’re interested

But only once it’s proven currency.

Then coffee with a recruiter

For cross-selling to his clients

But he kept on digressing

Was this the start of an alliance?

Across to Trafalgar

An old student friend of mine

Just started a top job there

But too early to throw me a line.

Then my partner firm cancelled

An ear infection of sorts?

I can’t do anything about it

Feeling let down of course.

Similar meetings the next day

Possibilities to explore

But nothing that’s concrete

Someone give me a break I implore!

It’s like there’s me and the market

And a big wall in between

Where is it thick, where is it thin?

Is there a way through that anyone’s seen?

I’m committed, I’m not giving up

I just need two or three folk to agree

To trial my process

Show I’m not barking up the wrong tree.

Then I met with the director of a company

Change management, that’s their thing

He asked some hard questions and liked it

Wants to take it forward with his team.

What exactly was it I was expecting?

These things, they move slow

Maybe they’ll find me my next client

Who turns out to love it, you never know.

And there was that call with large a high-tech outfit

We talked just the other week

The main guy – he really did like it

And he’s a total alignment geek.

So I’ll put away my insecure feelings

And I’ll keep on finding holes in that wall

The trick is to keep moving, keep asking

And get through, that’s what I want, that’s all.


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