Dealing with life’s blows.


 “What are you made of? What are you really made of? When push comes to shove, when the rubber meets the road, when the chips are down, what lies at the very core of your character?” – Brian Tracy

Tough times, events, and circumstances can teach us much about ourselves and other people.

Every challenge and every difficulty we successfully confront in life serves to strengthen our will, confidence and ability to conquer future obstacles.

Learning to deal with and overcoming adversity is what builds character and resilience.

We all face obstacles in every facet of life, work included.

It is easy to let these setbacks define us but it is also critical to learn from them. Often people tend to focus on what is not right instead of figuring out how to make things right.

Making mistakes is OK. Don’t get discouraged; don’t get frustrated; don’t dwell on the negatives. Step back from your emotions and see the situation from an external perspective – through logic and reason.

Take your time to learn from every mistake, every failed result and every unsatisfactory outcome. The more you learn, the more you will grow and the better you will be able to deal with the obstacles that lie ahead on your path.

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