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Accepting a compliment gracefully is a challenge for many women. Somehow we have been socialised to believe there is shame in feeling good about ourselves. Such a pity!

Our biggest fear is that, by accepting the compliment we will appear arrogant.

However, when you downplay a compliment, you may feel you are showing humility,  but you may make the person who gave the compliment feel personally rejected.

A compliment is a gift, so:

  • take people at their word;
  • don’t argue; just say ‘thank you’;
  • don’t offer a compliment in return unless you mean it.

If you cannot accept compliments gracefully, people will stop giving them.

A compliment is the human manifestation of appreciation for another. therefor when we reject a compliment, we reject our own virtue because it’s not believable to us. When someone offers a compliment, be passive and just accept it. Let is swell your heart and pass the compliment on.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach 

Well said!

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