Lindsay’s In Business: PART 92. Reassurance 

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

The enthusiasm I am getting from other people is my fuel. Knowing that what I offer is resonating, is deeply reassuring. And with that comes energy, comes power, comes self-control – to move from insecure to confident. And it feels completely different. I’m the leader I remember myself once being.  Just now a little wiser.

I’m calling each network member and hearing their positive feedback, their eagerness to pitch Mirror Mirror to that client they have in mind, and hearing their questions, the meaning of which allows me to understand how to help them.

I’m reading Seth Godin’s book on marketing.  With expert practitioners in mind as my target audience, I am clear about path I need to follow.  The path that I believe will be worthwhile the effort of walking. I can measure the 4 or 5 crucial metrics that will show me what affects that effort is having. Using that, I can feed the system into itself to build more.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just a great book at the right time.  Words don’t mean much unless you can plug them in to your context.

Here’s how it’s going to work: one of my network members is focussed on Project Management.  He sees Mirror Mirror is perfect for new teams, to rapidly build their shared understanding and collaboration to deliver on their goals.  I’ll support him to get a first client. We’ll write a case study. I’ll target Project Management media to promote that case study, and him, and Mirror Mirror. He’ll get another client…

I have a call with my coach.  I tell him about this ‘success energy’ I’ve got, wondering what he could possibly coach me on today. I mention that I had a rash and a stomach ulcer last month and that the doctor said it could be stress.  I’ve never had that reaction to stress before. Don’t worry – I took care of myself, had lots of early nights, went on a course of medication and I now feel back to normal.  It all seems so long ago now.

COACH:            It’s great that things are going well. But how are you going to manage yourself when the work gets tough again? 

ME: I’ve got quite a bit of awareness around self-management from previous experiences. I know when to look out for that amber light warning in future.

COACH:            That’s your amber?  Hives and an ulcer would be a red warning light for me. 

ME: Well I’ve had worse from previous roles but at least I’ve got the flexibility, as my own boss, to control things. 

COACH: But you ended up going to the doctor.  

ME: Yes, I didn’t see that amber coming up.  Every phase of the business is so different, you’ve got to keep adapting and the amber last month caught me by surprise.

COACH: What do you think brought it on?

ME: Last year’s product development and marketing readiness work was hard going.  And preparing for the training and adjusting the course every time it ran over a 2-week period must have been really stressful, I guess. I just need to keep managing myself. But that’ll get easier now that things are moving in such a positive way.

COACH: We don’t know what’s going to happen but for sure, the good leaders are the ones who can be flexible, regardless of whether they feel success or not.


Mirror Mirror – a team alignment diagnostic tool and process in one, helping people align to the strategy, as well as each other.

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