20 Ways Why Being a Singleton Rocks

single woman

Written by:  matheen

Most of the time, singletons were pitied for being alone in life. Don’t ever pity your singleton friends — they may be alone, but trust me, they’re not lonely. I know this because I’m a proud singleton by choice! Having learned from two failed relationships, I refuse to settle for less. Modern single women nowadays — are a far cry from Bridget Jones — whose live revolves around finding The One. We’re more focused on our own well-being. We’re not bothered with our status in life — we’re smarter and wiser because we’re done with crappy dates and staying in bad relationships. We spend our time working on ourselves, growing as individuals. It’s not being selfish; it’s living your life in the best possible ways. Being single means you’re strong enough to enjoy life without depending on others!

Here are just some of the ways why being a Singleton rocks (I only wrote 20 because I don’t want to turn my list into a novella!):

  1. I can watch a chick flick (or any movie genre for that matter!) on my own and feel no shame as I cry, get scared or swoon alone in the corner. Best part of it all, I get to have the popcorn all to myself. Yum.
  2. Travel somewhere exotic — our middle sister is a single lady just like me. She often travels on her own to beautiful Mejico or to the sunny ways of the Bahamas. Whenever my job permits me, I do the same. When I didn’t have a kid, I used to go away on weekend trips on my own.
  3. I take myself on brunch or dinner dates — the only companion I bring is a great book and I totally immerse myself for some fine dining and great literature!
  4. Tour a museum on your own sweet time — cultivate yourself! When I lived in New York for six months in the late 80’s, I stalked Van Gogh at the MOMA everyday! Holly Golightly’s sanctuary was Tiffany’s — mine was the fifth floor of Gallery 1 at the MOMA 😊
  5. Indulge on a Spa day, hair and massage — I love having my pedi done! I deserve to pamper myself after a week of working smart at work. Singletons,we need to feel like a Queen or King from time to time — it builds our confidence and we become more fierce!
  6. Go to a bookstore or your favourite library and get lost — on weekends, I find time to visit our famous Vancouver Library (the building itself is like a massive Roman colosseum). I would often spend hours perusing either Dostoesvsky’s masterpieces or fall in love with Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy over and over again!
  7. Binge on Netflix!!! I binged on The Crown, The Orange is the New Black, The Borgias, Downton Abbey, How to Get Away with Murder and yes, Friends 😊 I also streamed Game of Thrones!!!
  8. Sit outside a Cafe patio and watch the world go by — I’m guilty of indulging on this activity! I’m an artist, I love to observe people and their ways. I often like to create stories about the people that pass me by — of course, it’s just make believe. It’s good to use your imagination on a daily basis!
  9. Go for long walks or take a hike — I love walking! That’s an understatement. I’m obsessed with walking. Whenever I walk, that’s when my creative juices overflow. It’s also beneficial for my Fitbit — I need to get 10,000 steps daily. Fantastic way to lose weight and to feel good.
  10. Lounge around your pyjamas! For ladies, you don’t have to wear make-up! For men, you don’t need to shave! How priceless is that???
  11. The best thing about being single — you can sleep all over that bed of yours — left side, right side, middle, wherever!!!
  12. Challenge your mind — play Sudoku, go crazy over Rubik’s cube, and why not complete a crossword? For me, I love writing, painting or taking photographs around the city. I also keep myself busy with my Duolingo app — an app program that allows me to study Advanced and Intermediate classes on French! I need to keep on advancing with my French — it’s an added skill.
  13. Try a new workout — yoga, Zumba and some Booty Barre dancing! Get that adrenaline going and lose some fat along the way!
  14. Taking the longest, hottest bath or shower without anyone disturbing you — this is like spending time in Nirvana! Moments like these, makes me feel grateful about being a Singleton!
  15. Get experimental in the kitchen — bring out your inner Nigella Lawson or Wolfgang Puck! Who says you can’t cook for one? You can also cook for your friends and play the perfect host or hostess with the mostest.
  16. We have all the time to complete an unfinished project or tick off that item on your bucket list — finish your great novel, teach yoga on the side, bungee jump from the tallest bridge, learn how to scuba dive, parachute or renovate your crib! Whatever rocks your boat.
  17. Take up a single person sports activity — bike, swim, play golf, go-kart driving, race-driving, learn how to fly a plane.
  18. We can go anywhere and do anything without having to consult or ask permission from anyone. Amen to that.
  19. Our Christmas list is short and sweet — not having to stress what to get your in-laws, your other half, your other half’s friends and colleagues, oh and his or her extended family. Did I mention not having to grin and bear spending Christmas holidays with the in-laws? Freaking awesome!
  20. No lovers’ quarrels + no drama = HAPPY LIFE!!!!

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