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20 Ways Why Being a Singleton Rocks

single woman

Written by:  matheen

Most of the time, singletons were pitied for being alone in life. Don’t ever pity your singleton friends — they may be alone, but trust me, they’re not lonely. I know this because I’m a proud singleton by choice! Having learned from two failed relationships, I refuse to settle for less. Modern single women nowadays — are a far cry from Bridget Jones — whose live revolves around finding The One. We’re more focused on our own well-being. We’re not bothered with our status in life — we’re smarter and wiser because we’re done with crappy dates and staying in bad relationships. We spend our time working on ourselves, growing as individuals. It’s not being selfish; it’s living your life in the best possible ways. Being single means you’re strong enough to enjoy life without depending on others!

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How To Slay As A Single Working Mom

by matheen

We all know how challenging it is to be a working mom with a partner or a husband — but imagine — what more if you’re single and alone? Certainly, solo parenting has its own special and unique set of challenges. Below are a few lists of common issues that single moms share and struggle with: Continue reading