the right direction

positive.jpgBy: Angie Falls

I believe that all have people have good and bad, negative and positive qualities. When I coach, and listen, I maneuver to ask the right question to get to the source of negativity in a person. This allows me to understand the venom in the person. I am then able to coach in a better way. A new view on life is being developed in a person full of positivity. The main question to ask oneself will be “What do I ultimately would like to accomplish in life”. It turned out that the majority doesn’t ask this question let alone have an answer for it. We rather move on with life not really feeling life. The struggle seems to be part of our DNA and simplicity is farfetched.

Walking on the path of creativity provides me new ideas to follow. An energetic source for interesting new projects unfold. As if I become a magnet for all that is evolving in the stream of knowledge.

The journey to answer this life-purpose question is a path with discoveries about oneself. It is like putting all the pieces together to look at the bigger picture. Which we often tend to neglect or forget. While struggling, we lose all the energy and are not able to think in the simplest way. Finding the right words to answer the question will lead us to our inner self. Away from the rat race which we chose to fill our lives with and keep on running to the unknown. Unconnected to the universe and all that lies beneath it. Lives pass away not knowing this and every source of knowledge will bring us closer to this truth. Each of us has a story of our own and only we can give it the right direction. Sometimes with a little bit help of a coach like myself. During my coaching session, the part that I like most is when a question is asked and I answer the question with questions. I only use this method to get the answer out of a person by themselves. Since the answer to all questions is present in all of us. We just need to be asked the right question and we always would like to be validated for it.

These days I am busy with a self-development program. The flow of creativity is getting too much for me to handle without a proper program. This way it will be tangible and I can use it moving forward as a testimonial. The challenge became a writing task with extensive input by myself. A pilot which I then can use for the people I coach. I very much believe in self-development and I would like to share this as an exercise for all to engage in. It enriches us with new skills and it is a structured way to absorb knowledge on all kind of topics.

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