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Lindsay’s In Business, Part 8. Unjumbling

by Lindsay Uittenbogaard (you can find previous parts of Lindsay’s story here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, Part 7)

The confidence and clarity I had in my business idea had plummeted whilst on holiday in Scotland and I got back feeling just awful.

RIGHT. This mess needed sorting out.  I wanted to get back to the basic concept and start afresh. I’m sitting at desk.  The house is empty. OK.

  • The emphasis had always centred on creating a better understanding of ‘context’ so that Managers can better engage with their teams.
  • It was about capturing perspectives to get that understanding – listening to what the sponsor, team leader and team members find as important and why, what they think could be done differently, how positive and motivated they feel about things – and most importantly – WHY.
  • It was about better understanding the style of the team leader, and the values of the team members.
  • It was about real dialogue: teams and their leaders talking together, co-creating a shared understanding of the issues, possibilities, ideas and means – where they are aligned and where they could be more aligned and why
  • Then it was about achieving real outcomes – what the team could do differently to move forward together, be that in learning, communication, collaboration, relationships, changes to processes etc.

I was waking up in the mornings, visualising the way this ‘offering’ would work.  A brand name popped up. Continue reading