Betsy, new in her Supervisory role, feels she can benefit from regular advise from somebody more experienced than she is. She asks Billy to act as her mentor. Billy gladly accepts this role.

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A great leader:

  • Is self aware: knows her strengths and limitations and surrounds herself with people who can complement her;
  • Has a continuously improvement mind-set;
  • Is open to criticism;
  • Actively seeks feedback;
  • Gains insight from feedback and changes or adapts to the situation accordingly.

How to best handle the situation:

Because 80% of learning is informal, mentoring empowers learning in ways that formal education programs cannot provide.  Having a mentor or buddy at work can make a huge difference to the speed at which new recruits manage to settle in. It shortens the learning curve, enhances productivity and helps the new professional/leader to align to both the business strategy and organizational culture. By asking for help you show others that you take your development in your new role seriously. This takes courage!

Learning suggestions:

  • Who do you or could you regard as your mentor?
  • Together with your mentor/buddy set measurable goals (defined results) with action plans that define the key steps for achieving the goals;
  • Obtain mentoring from a seasoned professional in your area of expertise to work through different situations and determine solutions;
  • Enter into a Femleadership Expert Power (LEP) Partnership to help you navigate through complex situations effectively and quietly;
  • Work to get continuous feedback:
    • Work with a mentor/buddy who knows what you are working on and gives feedback as you try new things;
    • In areas you are working on, ask others who have watched you, to debrief events with you shortly after they happen. People are often reluctant to give feedback. To get it you must ask for it. Making self-appraising statements will encourage others to open up and provide candid corrective information;


Are you soliciting for feedback, support and advise from others on a regular basis?

Femcommunity Tips:

We welcome your thoughts, experiences and comments on how you would deal with such a situation.


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