Empowerment through Essential Oils – European Convention Prague

by Mariska van Beek

Photo by doTerra

Last month I visited the Annual European Convention of doTerra in Prague.

doTerra is one of the largest Essential Oil companies in the World.

Essential Oils support your physical health system as well as your emotional sense of well being. All naturally without negative side affects. Essential oils help your body to regain its own homeostase, in other words, its own balance. So back to nature!

I love the products!

The Convention enabled me to learn more about the business philosophy of doTerra and the use of their products. And of course it provided the opportunity to meet people from all over Europe; learn from eachother, exchange experiences and build strong networks.

I realised I had missed these kind of international events a lot in the last few years. Since I have kids, I don’t really travel anymore apart from the annual holiday. I love my kids more than anything in the world, but this international environment certainly gave me a huge energy boost.

I truly felt empowered through the enthusiasm of the people, their diverse backgrounds and the – integrated -way how these women approach life and work. All women I met were  passionated and truly believe in what they do. All of them put their hearts and souls into helping others through essential oils.

I learned a lot about the company as well. Earning money and serving others goes hand in hand in doTerra. During the conference I learned a lot about their responsible sourcing (“co-impact”) program.

The  conference acted as a confirmation for me.

doTerra is definitely the place I belong! A company who takes corporate social responsibility highly serious, walks the talk and empowers its “employees” (we are all self employed) to run their  “oil-businesses” as wellness advocates.

Because of this conference I truly feel I am part of a big family. A happy family who is taking care of eachother as well as the world around them.

Are you interested to know more about the Essential Oils or the business behind it? Feel free to get in touch with me by sending me an email: mariskavanbeek@purocoaching.nl


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