The Fine Art of Expressing Yourself

by matheen

Self-expression is essential to our lives as sun, water and air — it’s how we convey ourselves to the world. We express ourselves through communication, our hobbies, our passions, our choices in life, the way we speak, the way we think, the way we live and the way we work. We express ourselves through how we design and furnish our homes, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, and even the way we style our hair.  Everything is an indication of our feelings, spirits and characters.

However, when it comes to expressing ourselves, expect some roadblocks.  Are you afraid of sharing a piece of yourself to others? Or perhaps you’re shy or an introvert? Do you find that you’re often misunderstood and lack communication skills? Sometimes, life gets in the way and we don’t have the time to express ourselves. Or we simply couldn’t care less. Whatever it is, please don’t let these roadblocks stop you from expressing yourself. There’s a lot of human value in self-expression — it’s a celebration of life itself. It’s an homage to truth, creation, feelings, thoughts and consciousness.  When we share a part of ourselves to others — we are being generous to others. At the same time, self-expression is healthy for us — it promotes well-being, happiness, creativity and freedom!

Be Authentic

Kate Winslet once quoted, “that any form of self-expression is half-confidence, half-sheer hard work, and maybe, a bit of talent thrown in.” We don’t have to be famous to express ourselves — all we need is to be our AUTHENTIC version. It’s important to be true to yourself; be true to your convictions; and be true to your actions and thoughts. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not.  When you’re true to yourself, everyone respects you for who you are.  You become credible and when you’re believable — people naturally gravitate toward you. In a world of fakes, be your authentic version.

Find the Right Platform

If you’re at a loss regarding what to share — don’t despair! Tap into your creative self! You may not be the Great Communicator like President Reagan was or you may not be as inspiring as Michelle Obama, but, you can still find a way to express yourself.  There are many different platforms to choose from — art, music, photography, cooking, writing, voicing out your opinions through social media, poetry, fashion, and the list goes on! To find the right platform, dig deep within yourself. Know yourself. Share what you know with others. Ask yourself questions such as: What makes me happy? What are my given talents? What areas in my life can I share with others? What inspires me? What experiences have I been through that others would find interesting? What are my thoughts on politics? What kind of books have I read? What type of food do I like? When you ask yourself these questions, it becomes a lot easier to express yourself.

Be Respectful and be Mindful

I live by this rule: If I have nothing positive or good to say or share, I keep my mouth zipped! The world is harsh enough as it is; don’t add into it! When expressing ourselves, not everyone will appreciate or agree with what we shared.  Everyone has their two cents and opinions on everything. We don’t need to share the same views, but we need to be respectful of each other. Disagreements occur not because we have different opinions, but because of how we expressed ourselves forward. In this age of social media and trolls — before we share our thoughts or views — don’t be impulsive. We have to choose our words. When we receive positive comments — be grateful and acknowledge the feedback. When we receive negative comments —ignore or be gracious about it. If we’ve wronged someone, apologize sincerely and humbly. When we’re given the chance to express ourselves — keep it positive.

For me, I expressed myself through my paintings; my photography; the articles I write for Femflection; my private account in Facebook and my public account on Instagram.

I don’t write, take photos and paint for money or validation; not even for fame.  I pursue passion not fame. I write because I value my thoughts and I share these thoughts because I hope that it will be of value to others.  I paint because the whole creative process makes me truly happy; I take photos because I want to capture each moment and share it with others for no price at all. It’s only when you can truly express yourself that you find your heart and soul totally liberated. When there’s freedom, there’s peace.  When there’s peace, there’s so much love. This is my life statement.


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