The fortunate road ahead.

The fortunate road ahead

By: Angie Falls

On the road, I am heading I feel to be fortunate. I can find my way back in difficult situations. We all land in certain situations somewhere during our life. When I look around I see and meet so many troubled souls. They are troubled because of the past or troubled on their view of the present and the future. No matter in which direction they turn. I reach out as much as I can to try to make a difference in their lives.

Through listening and through my own experiences which I share. I listen to their stories and how life took them to puzzled cross roads. After listening I give my perception on their story and where alterations are needed to their view. Too often the stories are embedded with a negative touch. I question why they give certain points on their journey a negative tag. A tag which it often doesn’t deserve. I advise them not to use negative tags but instead search for the positive tag for it.

Why do they have on the glasses of despair?

Sometimes we get ourselves in situations where at that time we are not strong enough to face them. We do not escape. We leave the environment to develop strength. To face the challenges, resolve them and move on.

I have a strong belief that everything in life is a lesson. The persons we meet teaches us and leave their mark. Every lesson is a step ahead. Every step is in the direction to a better and positive self.

A motivational self-talk is a powerful tool. Once discovered your mind will bring you to places in your life which you would not be able to imagine without.

Not so long ago I had a mutual exchange of experiences. The discoveries we made during our conversation was mind-blowing. The pattern was the same and we handled the occurrence in the same way. Although with different backgrounds, the approach was the same and the liberation felt alike. The conversation would have lasted longer were we not disturbed. Disturbed by those who still wander about searching what we have discovered.

I felt like there would be a social innovation in the future as a follow-up. The time between now and then I need to spend to build a solid ground on which we will be able to stand.

I know now how to build the solid ground. Developments happened to me. I now need to connect the dots to give the full picture. A picture of self-development. Little did I know about self-development and how to design the plan. A series of events forced me to this methodology. Looking back, I thank the people who put me in such a situation out of which I had to learn to struggle out. Rapid changes in my life were followed by sequences of moments where I had to become flexible and handle this in a fast-paced way. It only takes one chance to see clarity. Clarity of which way to head off. I am not there yet. There is much to learn and I feel like a day has not enough hours.

The process of the struggle thought me essential things in life which I would not be able to pursue. Once discovered it can’t be taken away from me. I use it whenever needed in life;

  • The self-talk
  • The ability to share my experience and help others
  • The skill to make alterations in a personal story to show another perception and explanation of life’s experiences
  • The self-development

Armed with these tools I choose to follow the fortunate road ahead.

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