Lindsay’s In Business: PART 28: First case study results – it WORKS!


What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

I don’t know where to start. My world has changed and I’m singing in the sun!! 😊 (metaphorically – although I could just easily go outside and do that right now)

You know when your world has really changed for the better because factually, you are fully aware what’s new, yet the way you feel about it continues to evolve. First, it’s a surprise, a high, an amazing euphoric rush and you can’t stop smiling. Then it’s a warm reassurance as the implications begin to hit home. And still, a week later, it’s gratitude that this ever came to pass…

WHAT HAPPENED? I’ll tell you what happened! Work with the global electronics organization that commissioned Mirror Mirror to support one of their teams finally concluded with a workshop last Monday. I’ll send you a link to the case study when it’s been approved, but   successful. The process delivered exactly what I’d always intended it to deliver; and the team, leaders and the HR Manager were very happy. Here’s what came out of the evaluation:

  • 79% of participants said they feel the team has more, or much more clarity and alignment to go ahead and achieve its objectives than it did before the Mirror Mirror exercise
  • 86% of participants said they felt positive or very positive about the team and its outlook going forwards after the Mirror Mirror workshop
  • All participants said they feel their team is better prepared to succeed now than it was before the Mirror Mirror exercise.

And all that from this time investment from the participants:

  • a 90 minute interview per team member
  • two or three meetings with the leadership
  • a one-day workshop for all.

TOTAL VALUE!!!! These are great results!!!!

For the first time, I could see with my own eyes why Mirror Mirror is different from other approaches to team engagement, and here it is in 5 points:

  1. Our interview questions are structured so that everyone is asked the same questions and the responses can be compared.
  • enabling the whole picture to be shared between participants, in confidence
  • showing participant input has been heard, is relevant, is being used, and is having an impact
  • allowing participants to see where their thoughts and feelings are shared with the wider team
  • providing visibility on what conversations are needed for the team to build a better shared current reality.
  1. We are trained to ‘translate’ open text responses from participants during the interviews into clear and concise (and less attributable) phrases, without bias
  • providing a safer, more open sharing environment
  • helping participants better articulate themselves (especially when English is not their first language)
  1. The alignment opportunities that arise from the interview data are based on what emerges from the team inputs, rather than subjective judgements from others
  • for more perceived relevance
  • more ownership
  • more commitment
  1. The is focused entirely on creating more team clarity and alignment
  • eliminating distraction, digression, and dilution of the outcomes
  • maximizing the extent to which the team increases their shared current reality
  • showing the importance of alignment as a worthy focus area
  1. The content used in the process is about the work the team is involved in, now. It is therefore action-learning, ‘in context’, which makes it
    • relevant
    • actionable
    • immediate

And the trip to Berlin was great by the way (last blog). The two practitioners over there who are keen to get it going in Germany are very cool. We spent a day going through the whole process and created some scenarios together at the end, to describe who might want Mirror Mirror, under what circumstances, and how they would benefit. Fingers crossed they attract a trial.

Right – September = networking and sharing the first case-study to attract 3 more trials.

My pitch just got a whole lot stronger : ) I do hope we can keep delivering to this level of outcome.

Mirror Mirror allows teams to develop a shared picture of ‘where they are now’ so they have the clarity, alignment, and momentum needed to progress to ‘where they want to go next’.

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