The power of TRUST – trust in the workplace.


By: Angie Falls

While reflecting on the day during the weekend I could not help myself to pick up my mobile phone and check the office mail. The first glimpse was an email from my new manager. She turned out to be a micromanager who can’t function without being part of everything on a very detailed level. It is so exhausting and it drains all my energy.

I wondered why this was the case. What could I do to make it a more agreeable situation and work relation? I feel that one of the most important things a manager can do is to trust team members.

It looks like trusting is a difficult process for her. It involves letting go of control, letting decisions and actions lie in others’ hands. The other side is without it she will exhaust herself, undermine colleagues and other employees.

I feel not appreciated for my tasks and responsibilities because it is being watched like a hawk all the time. I get no space to develop myself.

She doesn’t trust me and she doesn’t give me ownership over my work, no opportunity to solve problems by myself and to improve my job satisfaction.

I am puzzled that she doesn’t realize that by trusting employees and colleagues it will result in the chance to reduce workload for herself. Letting go of that gives time to make the important decisions, to develop strategic plans and new initiatives.

Unfortunately, the manager turned out to be a person who only approaches me when she needs me for her own results. She is very results oriented. This can be a good virtue but only for a short term. In the long run, an adequate process will be more effective.

I am of the opinion that there should be a balance between being results-oriented and process oriented. To get things done we need to be results oriented but when the result is accomplished we need to put a proper process in place for the future.

I have to deliver to the needs of my manager but in the meantime, I try to reach an open dialogue to discuss that there are more sides to the picture. When I am having a conversation it is hard to determine whether she is being honest and professional or just using me for her own benefits. I put lots of efforts on not to focus on this struggle and be professional by putting energy in the tasks to be done. Every request is a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn. Through this area, I can have access to all the departments in the company. This is what keeps me going and enables me to stay in this team. I will have to give it time and see how this will develop. I, on the other hand, have trust that the tide will change and that I can manage the situation for now.

It is like Ernest Hemingway said;

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

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