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Lindsay’s In Business: PART 69: Crucial subtletiesDEFINITELY GOING AHEAD!!


What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

HEADLINE– We have confirmation that the multi-team contract to support a merger with our oil and gas client – IS DEFINITELY GOING AHEAD!!  Just 4 days after hearing that, I’m already in a new normal 🙂  Of course I’m very happy – and now I’m looking ahead again.

Remember me writing about my target market areas and investigating which would be the best to focus on? I had 6 areas that I was looking at based on the thinking that Mirror Mirror is best for

  1. a) teams in complex situations, where misalignment is rife, and / or
  2. b) in companies where the value of employee alignment is very high.

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