Lately some (small) things went wrong at work. It upsets Femsy and she has difficulty overcoming these mistakes.

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A great leader:

  • Has confidence in her abilities and is self aware;
  • Understands how organizations work and how she can get things done both through formal channels and the informal network;
  • Takes personal responsibility when things don’t go well;
  • Takes criticism as a chance to learn;
  • Is sensitive to how she comes across and what makes people tick;
  • Is cool under pressure.

How to best handle the situation:

“If you can find a path without obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” – Frank A. Clark.

We all face obstacles in every facet of life, work included. It is easy to let these setbacks define us but it is also critical to learn from them. Often people tend to focus on what is not right instead of figuring out how to make things right.

Making mistakes is OK. Don’t get discouraged; don’t get frustrated; don’t dwell on the negatives. Step back from your emotions and see the situation from an external perspective – through logic and reason.

Take your time to learn from every mistake, every failed result and every unsatisfactory outcome. The more you learn, the more you will grow and the better you will be able to deal with the obstacles that lie ahead on your path.

Learning Suggestions:

  • Invest in self-belief and confidence: You are unlikely to overcome a mistake or obstacle if you don’t believe you are capable of overcoming it. Your doubts will paralyze you and focus you on problems and not the solutions you need to get the outcomes you want. You must therefore develop the necessary confidence that will help you to think far more effectively:
    • Read inspirational books about how others facing adversity overcame it;
    • Attend conferences/work shops that foster confidence building;
    • Think about all the things you worry about. Jot them down in words or pictures. Once you finished “mapping” your worries, start thinking about solutions or ways to ease your concerns. Brainstorm ideas with others;
  • At the end of each day, spend 10-15 minutes thinking about your accomplishments.  These can be as simple as, ‘spoke with someone I hardly know’, ‘I made time to exercise today’, to ‘I finished a big report’.  Over time you create a collection of things that you are proud of and can choose, which of these to share/publicize within the organization;
  • Develop a “Deal with it and move on” attitude towards errors, mistakes and failures. Anything could always have been done better. Research says that successful general managers have made more mistakes in their careers than the people they were promoted over. They got promoted because they had the guts to lead, not because they were always right;


What personal attributes have you used to overcome obstacles in your life/work?

Femcommunity tips:

We welcome your thoughts, experiences and comments on how you would deal with such a situation.


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