happiness is a choice.


By: Angie Falls

Just last week I went to an event which was focused on happiness. What is happiness and how can we achieve that state in life? It made me think about my own situation. My personal life and my work life. Do I have the good work-life balance? Am I not too much busy with work and neglecting my personal relationships? In the end, it is all about relationships. How to get new relationships and most of all how to maintain the relationships. I love meeting new people. Get to know them through their stories.

Every person has a story to share with which I can learn. Learn to have a broader perspective on life and learn to understand people in general. I have a habit to feel and sense people by their aura. Our energy system consists of our energy body which is called our “Aura” and the main energy centers which are called “Chakras“. Our aura is egg-shaped around our body and protects our energy field by creating an energetic “shield” between us and other people’s energy. If it is vibrant, colorful and strong, we will feel energized and ready to take on anything which comes our way.

I believe that there are 2 kinds of people in the world. People who view the world positive and people who view the world negatively. These 2 types I can see in people the first time I meet them. The positive people I love to hang out with. The negative people I try to help. I try to understand what makes them so negative. I share with them my thoughts and believe in life. I tell them stories of people that I met and what I learned from them. I try to show them that there is more to life and not to waste time on being negative. By the way, negativity absorbs more energy than positivity. It is easier to be positive.

We tend to leave our happiness, peace of mind, mental health to luck.

Too many times we just go to work for the sake of work. I do not see the passion in our lives. I would like to get up and be happy to go to work. I found out that to reach that state of mind I have to work on myself. I need to answer the following questions for myself:

1) What do I want to do in life?

2) What really would make me happy?

3) What can I do to find the passion of the activities I would like to do?

4) What plan do I have to make a plan to reach those goals?

I should make the things that I like to do in life my work. I should find the answers to these questions which will enable me to move on and to reach my goals in life. I will get obstacles on this journey and I will have to find solutions to deal with it.

I read a quote: happiness is a choice. A new assignment in life is developed.

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