Coordinator: telling people what to do.


paintBy: Angie Falls

It makes sense to first have a good understanding of the word.

A coordinator is a person whose job is to organize events or activities and to collaborate with others to ensure they work together effectively and bring results.

In my profession, as a coordinator, I get the opportunity to work with people from different non-profit organizations. What strikes me is that these days too many people have lost passion in what they do daily. We all must make a living but can’t we have fun when doing so?

This lack of passion effects the people they should be helping in their function. It results in a decline in performance.

There was this case where I was working on when I discovered that the educational psychologist was not effective in her profession. She was deviating from the course that should be properly supporting a student. With her a mentor and a leader for learning. The collaboration between these 3 parties was not what it should have been. I had a few meetings and shared my advice and opinion on the matter. Straightforward and to the point regarding where we should focus on and which process to follow in this specific case.

One time I had a meeting and was a little bit too early. I could wait in the area where all the teachers meet in the morning. For an educational setting, it seemed like a factory. After my meeting, it became apparent that all parties were heading in a different direction.

It did not take me a long time before I found myself mediating between the parents, the school, and the non-profit organization. I felt very productive in supporting and helping others to find the way. It even gave me the energy to come up with new ideas how to streamline the whole process. I suggested keeping a weekly journal where we all could give input for and come up with an action plan.

I had to intervene and get her attention back to this case to be on the right track.

I now made sure to monitor her on a weekly basis which she on her turn found very collaborative from me. I even had to teach her a few processes to follow regarding a supportive behavior in an operational sense.

This enabled me to get her attention and focus back to the student in question. I agreed with her an approach and a timeline to ensure a quick follow up and execution of the plan. This way we could help and learn from each other.

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