Lindsay’s In Business: PART 48: More epiphanies and hot developments 

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

 I’m just going to list all of the amazing developments that have happened in the past week – it seems like so much!!

A guy I used to work with – very senior, very credible, very well-connected and an EXCELLENT leader – has taken an interest in a role with Mirror Mirror. He loves the idea and wants to get involved in a start-up – I’m so flattered! We had a one-day workshop and talked through a load of stuff: he’ll get involved in providing advice, sales prep & activity, commercial housekeeping, and business development.  That’s so massive. He will change the game here. Our workshop was so inspiring and much of the list items below came out of the discussion I had with him.  Let’s call him my Director.

And an ex-colleague from a different company is also looking to get involved. He’s a TOP quality project manager, wants to get experience in this area (and hopefully a paid position) – he’s interested in putting research around the value of team effectiveness together for us, as well as promoting that through the avenues he knows.

We are toying with the idea of including an additional report into our offer: a feedback and insights report which would be in summary form and delivered after completion of the Mirror Mirror process.  This report would take a broader look at three things for the benefit of the wider organisation:

  1. content gaps that were fixed / not fixed – for communication purposes
  2. feedback on the team effective conditions (that are influenced only at the organizational level) that the team feel need addressing to enable them to perform better (we have identified 8 of these, such as strategic clarity, fit for purpose tools and processes etc)
  3. ideas and insights they can contribute as inputs for the next round of strategic planning.

As per the last blog on positioning, ’alignment’ is out and team effectiveness is in. We will have 6 versions of Mirrror Mirror available to address specific business needs and I’ll spend July and August setting everything up ready for major sales activity after the summer.

Building on all of that were a couple of thoughts from our new Director:

  1. we don’t’ just enable teams to build better shared understanding, we also trigger more ownership. This happens when they are heard as a team and when their feedback is heard by strategic decision makers. A better shared understanding AND ownership lead to better strategy implementation
  2. we can offer a ‘universe’ of partners whose expertise links to the various versions of Mirror Mirror and we provide ongoing support to the client in an ongoing relationship.

And there’s more!

In terms of our target audience, given that our new Director has so many contacts to approach, a target market is less relevant – we’re just going to follow the leads we have. As our main focus for the rest of the year and much of 2019 will be revenue generation, any additional marketing – such as social media work – is too early.  We should bring that in later when we have a more momentum.

My intern from the TU Delft showed up for a meeting, having sourced team effectiveness data and created a way to ‘score’ team effectiveness that is just ACE!  It’s exactly what we need as we start to review the offer and ways to show value.

With that team effectiveness score, we can compare the Mirror Mirror score at one point in time to the Mirror Mirror score at a later point in time to show the differential and link that to value.

It all looks so different now!  I’m stunned actually.  We haven’t sold anything but the business feels like it is so much stronger.

Here are some early drafts as to how the core messaging is changing:

THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE: Your business isn’t working as well as it could do because you’re not leveraging the collective ability of your team to implement the strategy.

WHY PEOPLE USE US:People don’t achieve great results, teams do – but only if they have the means to develop the shared understanding and ownership needed to deliver the best results. Mirror Mirror is a proprietary organizational effectiveness process that accelerates shared understanding and ownership in teams. It is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to improve strategy implementation and discover strategy insights through people.

THE SOLUTION WE PROVIDE: The process is rapid, practical, immediate, actionable, structured, repeatable and measurable. There is a full picture version and a quick scan version that come in 6 colours, based on the situational challenges at hand.

Mirror Mirror draws on research around social alignment and effective teaming to:

  • translate strategic intention right down to what it means for each person
  • understand and address the gaps and opportunities in how team members understand their situation, collectively
  • build ownership and momentum towards effective team action
  • channel top level insights back up the organization about where more clarity and enablement are needed, and where the business opportunities are.

Like it?

Mirror Mirror accelerates team effectiveness for better strategy implementation. Harness the collective ability of your teams to deliver and influence the strategywith

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