Lindsay’s In Business: PART 57: PUSH!!

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds… 


Great conversation with the new business development director (4 hours a week to the year-end). We’ve shaped up an intro story in slides that he likes and he’s now getting around to approaching his best contacts.

We discussed our concerns – and were fairly direct and confrontative at times – as we should be to really address the elephants in the room:

  • Why haven’t more people been approached by now?
  • Why is the emphasis almost entirely on me to bring in business?

It was a constructive, respectful exchange. We got on to squaring up a lead generation plan that looks like this:

  • New sales funnel – Take the Team Test – just launched.

Just so you know this is a free, automated tool that assesses team effectiveness.  The tool is based on research that learning behaviours in teams lead to better alignment – and that both determine team effectiveness.  The test helps people see where the gaps are, so they can be addressed. The Team Test report includes:

  • top 5 behavioural strengths and weaknesses
  • a breakdown of scores for each behaviour
  • a comparison of how each team member sees the team purpose
  • group perception on alignment, positivity, and preparedness
  • a guide on what to do about the results.

Here’s the link to start the test:

  • Leveraging selected contacts in the Business Development Director’s network
  • Working the existing pipeline ofleads(currently 8 interested organizations and 10 interested consultancies among hundreds of potential prospects and intermediaries)
  • NEW – The Top 50 Cold Call List– compiling a list of organizations that we’d like to work with, researching the right people to approach, and writing / calling them.
  • Marketing and networking– blogs, articles, social posts etc. This is ongoing.

I must say that when Business Development Director applies himself, it’s magic. He really does know what will resonate with people and how to present things at a strategic level that work.   See the new tagline below – it’s great. He caught that one.

OK – we’ve got the rest of October and November to do this before people start moving into the end of year frenzy.  Let’s go!!!


Mirror Mirror– improving team effectiveness through behavioural and cognitive alignment.

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