Lindsay’s In Business: PART 60: 2019 Anchors 

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What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

So now I’m delivering Mirror Mirror for 22 teams within the next 4 weeks.  Fair enough it’s only 2 clients who are coincidentally running multiteam workshops, but there are other likely clients in the pipeline and I feel like I’m in an ENTIRELY different world.

My brain is full of learnings, planning, and preparations for clients.  I’m drawing on my extended freelance team to customize questions and design new reports. I’m orchestrating a chain of actions and briefings that will guide each team through the Mirror Mirror process in a way that makes the most sense and adds the most value.

It’s like a theatre production, actually – with all the detailed backstage and front stage efforts lining up, getting ready for showtime.

It’s so easy to forget how it felt trying to claw out of the chasm of desperation when those sales weren’t happening.  And now feels so natural to take on a more self-respecting position, as I find myself confidently vowing never to do anything for free again; and excitedly opening back up to those big ambitions for the business.

And now it’s time to plot some anchors:

  • I need clients who refer me
  • I need content marketing support that drives attention
  • I need technical solutions that do the concept justice
  • I need people who can deliver to an excellent standard
  • I need speaking gigs that generate leads
  • I need case studies that evidence value
  • I need demand that get me going in distinct market areas.

Step by step this is my plan for 2019.

It’s easy to believe in that and only look forward – from one anchor to another – when your efforts find reciprocation.

Of course, it could all go dead again after Christmas…  but I don’t think so.  There’s building interest from other parties.  It’s not just these two clients.

I can feel the growth of this business with some real certainty now.  And it feels SO good.

Excited. Motivated. Thankful. Nervous. Happy. Positive. Confident. Relaxed. Grateful – for everyone who has helped me so far. I will find a time and a place to properly recognise those people.

Mirror Mirror – We go deeper to get the issues and opportunities on the table – safely, objectively and constructively.

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