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Lindsay’s In Business: PART 79.  Step Change Evolution

IMG_0055What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

I feel enlightened. I feel foolish. I feel grateful.  I feel stubborn.

It’s been three years since I started pioneering Mirror Mirror. If you’ve been following this blog and have felt the cloud of failure looming over my head, I don’t blame you. But I do not see it myself.

Earlier this year, one person – a senior consultant connected in with the pharmaceuticals industry – asked if we were ready to run Mirror Mirror with multiple teams, dozens of teams, simultaneously. I said yes, knowing we would really have to scramble if that was the case.

If such an opportunity came up, our delivery would need to be at the highest level of quality to gain client endorsement, so I made a big decision.  I decided to invest in a professional level software upgrade that I’d been holding off for some time because of the cost.

Chicken and egg.  You can’t deliver until you have the right capability, yet you don’t want to invest in developing capability unless you have the demand.

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Dig Deeper: Your Toughest May Be Your Most Caring Leader

new1by River Ho Rathore

A few years ago, I was part of a Management Team that was commencing its turnaround of a big ICT company. We wanted to set ourselves up to be more outward-oriented, agile, and always at the forefront of customers’ lifestyle needs. We had big plans of being the market leader, and this change in direction required a strong leader who was consistent in institutionalising the Company’s new resolve, at the same time who had the tenacity to see that all parts of the Company actually did move toward the right direction.

As our new CEO was on-boarded, all employees were cautious about how the ship would sail. From the onset, we observed that he did not mince his words, and he so very firmly announced zero tolerance for lack of integrity.

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When Office Politics Are At Odds With Your Personal Values

by River Ho Rathore

Just yesterday, I came across a Harvard Business Review article titled “Great Leaders Embrace Office Politics. Written by Michael Wenderoth, the article describes how, in the real world, our success is determined less by merit and more by perceptions and political skills. Michael’s writing is pragmatic and draws insights from top executives’ actual experiences, even his own. It also reminded me of the many warnings I have received about playing the office politics game. “It is there in every office. You cannot eliminate it, so you might as well play it,”  a number of colleagues, relatives and friends have told me so over the years. Continue reading

Pat Heim, Tammy Hughes and Susan K. Golant, “Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business: Third Edition”





Reviewed by Femflection

The authors of “Hardball for women” share their insights into gender differences in the workplace and offer suggestions on how women can soar in male-dominated environments.

It teaches women to use the unwritten rules of business to get ahead in their careers.

The game of business is hardball, played according to the rules of the male culture. The book explains the different behaviors and mind-sets boys and girls learn and carry into their lives as adult men and women. For example, boys learn to compete; girls learn to get along. Continue reading