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What impression do you want to make? 

elastigirl-the-incrediblesBy: Anja Uitdehaag

The first thing we do if we want to find out more about a first date, a potential employer or a new colleague is googling the person concerned. And what we’ll discover is his/her personal brand.

A ‘personal brand’ is in many ways synonymous with our reputation. It refers to the way we are seen by the world, including clients, investors, peers, boss, friends, etc.

If you are not conscious of what your personal brand is and not deliberately branding yourself, the outside world is branding you.

Thus, if you are quiet you could be branded as passive; if you’re too caring of others’ feelings you might be branded as weak; if you’re too open to learning new things, you may be branded as naïve; and, perhaps most unfairly, if you’re aggressively proactive, you could very well be branded as “mannish.”

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Continuous creative growth is crucial to me



ALEKSANDRA POPOVSKA was born in south of Serbia in 1975, in a family of Macedonian emigrants and has been living and working in Holland since 2004. She studied Music Pedagogy and Theory at the Faculty of Music in Skopje ( Ss.Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje. She also holds a Bachelor of Music Performance and Production and European Master Media in Arts from the Utrecht School of Arts. In 2010, she completed her Mphil studies in Voice Performance and Applied Composition at the University of Portshmouth, UK. Since 2000 she was devoted to research and practice of Macedonian traditional music which influenced her music career and later work as well. With the ensamble Dragan Dautovski Quartet she performed hundreds of concerts across Europe.

Besides her activities as a vocalist and composer, she teaches music in various schools and music centers (Korenhuis- Den Haag, American International School Den-Haag, Grace Music International).

Aleksandra speaks about the importance of creative self-reflection and learning.

Which 3 words would describe who you are?

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The world of opportunities is waiting. Reach out to select yours


Anna Zubytska is Sales Director of Danone Dairy in Ukraine. She holds EMBA degree from Central European University and has 17 years of leadership and business management experience developed in multinational FMCG environment in Europe. In her today’s interview, Anna speaks about her approach to individual development and life in general, which helps her to keep learning, growing, discovering and having fun J


Life motto

So far, my live and personal growth has been advancing this way due to my belief, that the outer world is full of opportunities. Seeing the world big allows us growing and gaining new experiences, insights, enriching our lives with joy, satisfaction and new levels of mastery.

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By: Anja Uitdehaag

“Scared is what you’re feeling. Brave is what you’re doing.” – Emma Donoghue

Women quite often have doubts about their capabilities. Research shows that men in comparable positions are much more confident in their capabilities than their female peers, even when they are no more competent. A prime example is that if a man can fulfill 60% of the requirements of a job description, he will apply, while if a woman cannot do the full 100%, she will not.

Self-confidence is a make-or-break attribute. Success correlates just as closely with confidence as it does with competence.

To become more confident, stop thinking so much and just act.

Believe that you can do it! If you are constantly thinking that you are not good enough or that you will never make it, that is what you will believe and that will become your reality.

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Pat Heim, Tammy Hughes and Susan K. Golant, “Hardball for Women: Winning at the Game of Business”

41k69z4ujnlReviewed by Femflection

The authors of “Hardball for women” share their insights into gender differences in the workplace and offer suggestions on how women can soar in male-dominated environments.

It teaches women to use the unwritten rules of business to get ahead in their careers.

The game of business is hardball, played according to the rules of the male culture. The book explains the different behaviors and mind-sets boys and girls learn and carry into their lives as adult men and women. For example, boys learn to compete; girls learn to get along.

Some “Hardball for Women” quotes:

  • “Before negotiating a raise, start collecting a file of evidence, showing how you have impacted the bottom line… Don’t believe there is no money in the budget. Don’t assume your boss knows how great you’ve been doing. Don’t threaten to leave – you may be given the opportunity.”
  • “Actually power is like money; neither good nor bad. Its negative or positive spin depends upon how we use it.”
  • “Simply stated power is the ability to get things done.”
  • “I Strongly urge you to consciously consider what success means to you. Instead of allowing others or society to determine when you win, you determine it.”
  • “Whether you’re moving to a new company or a new department within your current organization, I believe you’ll end up miles ahead if you shop for a boss, not a position. You may secure the greatest job in the world, but a miserable boss will turn gold into ashes…. In many ways, your boss maybe more important than the job.”
  • “Women lose sight of their goals by taking on extra responsibilities. We are virtual responsibility magnets. We don’t make these decisions consciously or deliberately but out of fear that if we don’t act on a need it will never get resolved. But we fail to realize that once we become responsible for something we might be responsible for it forever.”
  • “Studies have shown that the terms girl and lady have pejorative connotations: They conjure images of someone weaker and lazier; someone more nervous, afraid, dependent, immature, and inconsiderate; someone less sexy, intelligent, and certainly less charismatic than ‘woman.’ Indeed, the term woman is overwhelmingly interpreted as more favorable and is most often used to describe adult females who deserve respect.”
  • “Leadership doesn’t mean giving marching orders that others must follow blindly. Rather, it means causing others to want to follow. Successful leadership is personal.”

“Hardball for Women” – the book:

Each chapter begins with a summary of the hardball lessons boys learn and the house-and-doll lessons girls learn. It concludes with key pointers for playing hardball successfully. Concepts are illustrated with compelling real-life examples.

This constructive, straightforward and no-nonsense guide deals with how and why the two genders are different, how to make the best of one’s assets and how to be forceful without being cruel or overly aggressive.

It also addresses the issues of being a team player or a leader, using language and non-verbal cues powerfully, and setting goals and staying focused. Staying focused is especially important for women since women tend to back off and lose when others become aggressive.

Most of my career, I’ve worked in male-dominated fields.

Biggest take away for me from the book was that I can truly do something to place myself on equal standing with both men and women in the workplace. It all depends on knowing the rules of the game and find out how to navigate them effectively.

A while ago I took my 20 years old “Hardball for Women” edition down from the shelf and loaned it to one of my female friends who had issues with her male boss. She recognized herself very well in the description of the gender issues and they were so much applicable to her own situation that she bought her own 2015 edited copy.

If you have a career in any workplace – and it does not need to be a mostly male workplace – this book provides invaluable advice.

At the same time, it offers men considerable insight into the strengths and contributions of the female culture.

I highly recommend “Hardball for Women” to any woman who works.

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Every woman can be successful in what she does!


“It takes courage to become who you really are” – E.E. Cummings

Living your dreams mean “knowing who you are, then, do what you need to do in order to have what you want.”

This might sound easier said than done.

Sometimes you may lose your way toward your dreams or even feel like you never had a path in the first place.

Did you ever feel like you were unsure about who you are? What you want? Not brave enough to be who you are or make your dreams happen?

Finding joy in Being You and Belief in Yourself determine how you will make your life journey.

The more often you are brave enough to express who you are, the easier it gets…

We believe that every woman can be successful in what she does if she can generate the courage to give it a go.

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We believe that Art is a language and like any other language it is a vehicle of communication, i.e. self-expression of ideas and most inner/deep feelings. Art provides ample opportunity for imagination and creativity; as such it also turns out to be a wonderful way to tackle important work/life issues and share (self)-leadership lessons, thoughts & experiences.

It is our goal to help professional women to build their courage and put it to good use through reflection, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, gaining self-insight, identifying potential areas for development and pointing out critical success factors. We encourage you to dream big and take practical action to live a life that matters to you!

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Who do you regard as your mentor?


“Women receive fewer promotions than men because they are less likely to have mentors who are also advocates for them” according to the article “Why men still get more promotions than women” by H. Ibarra, N. Carter and C. Silva in Harvard Business Review (Sept. 2010).

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