Lindsay’s In Business: PART 41: Is this TURNAROUND?


What happens when you realise your path is entrepreneurship rather than employment? Lindsay takes up the challenge and shares an account of her journey as it unfolds…

And then – all at once, an unrelated series of pick-me-ups came in!! Is this it? Is this the start of a turnaround?

  • Speaker proposal for DisruptHR Amsterdam – accepted! To take place February 15th – a week the away! DisruptHR is an exciting movement of events popping up in cities around the world – they want to hear from anyone doing or thinking something new and different in the world of HR. FABULOUS! The format is 5 minutes only, 20 slides, on automatic turnaround of 15 seconds each. It took all my editing, performance, presentation skills to boil my story into that unforgiving format and I practised again and again. It went down well apparently. The audience was quite young and mostly into talent management, as far as I could gather, so not a hotbed of leads but great to do. When I get the video link to my 5 min talk I’ll share it.
  • Quick Scan product now available and live! We had been thinking about a mini-trial or automated version of Mirror Mirror for a while. Then, in a discussion with Femflections’ Anja about how potential buyers of Mirror Mirror don’t want something random, they want something strategic, she came up with the positioning – a Quick Scan that could be run across any number of teams in a whole organization. It would serve as a taster and give teams an alignment introduction, but also diagnose where the needs are for deeper, human intervention. The quick scan is about 10 questions presented in e-survey format based on the whole Mirror Mirror approach and philosophy. This is a much more comprehensive offer and will be up on the website soon 😊 – thanks for input Anja!
  • Mirror Mirror ‘Quick Scan’ proposal to a global risk management organization – accepted! A friend of mine was asked to find a range of people who could deliver a fun, 2-hour workshop for a leadership team who normally work virtually and need to get to know each other better. They don’t know they’re testing the ‘quick scan’! I proposed the process and made it to the shortlist. All went quiet for 2 weeks, then I was selected – yippee!! A CLIENT!! Workshop date = 22nd Senior level team – preparing now and hoping my facilitation skills impress them : )
  • Speaker proposal for Eurocomms 2018 in Copenhagen – accepted! This was submitted as a joint proposal between myself and a co-conspirator who delivers strategic alignment services. This is coming up in April with lots of influencial comms folk. I will ‘announce’ the arrival of social alignment and present Mirror Mirror case studies. Exciting!!
  • Pitch live with global airlines company: call out of the blue to run Mirror Mirror with a team there – looking good. They are articulating the exact need that Mirror Mirror deliver to. The connection came from a referral from an old communications contact. Fingers crossed.
  • Invitation to meet with the HR Director of a global coffee company who I met a year ago via via. He wants to see me next quarter to help bed down changes going on there. Wow – one of the hundreds of seeds I’ve been planting is sprouting : )
  • Test marketing social campaign with free LinkedIn vouchers – successful!  This effort (using2 x LinkedIn vouchers of $50 each) turned up results at 2.50 Euro per connection to the website as opposed to the standard average of 6.50 Euro. I am right now on a train to Amsterdam for a meeting with the marketing company involved, Curiosity Amsterdam, who set that up and are happy to put in time to Mirror Mirror for a cut. Great guys, Quinten and Wicher there.

There are people who say that social advertising would be a waste of money for Mirror Mirror at this stage – that I should just focus on networking. However, Curiosity Amsterdam – marketing experts – say it’s all about building up touch points. The trial is evidence of social media as good place to invest. Boosted advertising goes against the advice that so many people have given me about the value of ‘giving’, ‘networking’ and ‘not selling’ – but let’s see what happens…

  • e-book on Social Alignment – in planning! And finally, a friend of mine has some time available. He’s a very brainy, clued up guy and has offered to write a 60 minutes-to-read e-book on social alignment and Mirror Mirror. He’s happy to do this 50/50. How lucky am I! At first, I thought it was a bit premature, but I can see there is content just busting to get out of this computer!

It’s all happening!!!! Busy busy.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re convinced about something, worry is a useless foe. Forget about worry– just get on with it.

Let’s hope this snowball has started to roll – eek!

Mirror Mirror – the process that accelerates social alignment in teams for improved performance and innovation. By enabling a better shared current reality between people with a shared goal, they make better, faster, more satisfying progress:


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