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Lately some (small) things went wrong at work. It upsets Femsy and she has difficulty overcoming these mistakes.

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Are You Winning The E-mail Battle?

by Tarek Beram

How do other people organize their working lives? Did you ever wonder about that? I mean, how do others manage the endless flow of incoming emails and on-going flow of things to do? In the time of apps and after the arrival of the cloud, how does a modern person stay in control of own time and efforts? I believe most people get so used to the way they operate they don’t stop to consider alternatives.

Messaging is still dominating the business live. Then electronic calendar is the norm now. Then you have your own thoughts and ideas that you want to do something about. Then comes up the tasks or errands as a result of discussions or interactions. It’s a vortex of to-dos that you choose to spend time and effort on and either you’re on top of the vortex or you’re not. Continue reading


Femsy shares the office with Mansy, which is not easy for her. Mansy is often not greeting her in the morning, is not or hardly acknowledging her presence in the office, talks too loud on the telephone and is distracting Femsy from concentrating on her job by asking questions or making comments/jokes whenever it suits him.

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Betsy, new in her Supervisory role, feels she can benefit from regular advise from somebody more experienced than she is. She asks Billy to act as her mentor. Billy gladly accepts this role.

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Situation 12: TASK OVERLOAD

Femsy overloads Betsy with tasks that are not in her job description. Betsy decides to address this in a face-to-face conversation with Femsy to bring clarity to the situation.

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Effective Women Leadership: Imitating or Being Authentic?

by Tatiana Bessmertnaya

Have you ever met these types of business women who copy paste men’s style?

In our business lives we see many examples of how former subordinates begin to imitate their former boss’ style taking them as a role model for successful and effective management. Or business women demonstrate men’s styles, acting in a certain way to meet the norms set by others within a male-dominated business culture.

What is the reason behind the choice to imitate men’s styles? Is “copy paste” just the easiest way? Is it the thinking of being less competent than men? Is it lack of self-confidence to express who they are and to embrace a wider range of leadership characteristics needed to run an organisation effectively? Is it women’s fear to integrate more aspects of herself into an existing community? Or is it a strong inner setting that to be successful in the business world you should act and be like a man? Continue reading



There are two major factors which have an immense impact on career development. The first is related to the self and the second to the immediate boss.

Regarding the self; take your own self development into your own hands. So many potential people today just sit back and wait for training and development opportunities to somehow come their way. If only they would realise that everyday such opportunities are passing by without even being noticed.

Regarding the boss; one has to be lucky enough to have a real coach. A lot of interest is being put on coaching and mentoring in the recent years and it is high time. The difference on the development of a subordinate who is being managed versus coached is immense both in terms of the speed and the quality of development.

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